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About us

DILNA HAMMER - Original Czech design and quality handcraft. Since 2012.

We are a Czech joinery and restoration workshop, full of love for nature, culture and good people. We started our business in 2012. Everything you can see here was designed, manufactured and tested by us, and our products are sold successfully worldwide. Apart from our e-shop, we offer our goods at selected shops across the Czech Republic and even in the USA. In our spare time, we visit interesting design markets with our original insect stall or we organise joiners’ and restoration workshops. We are also involved in charitable activities: we liaise with a child hospice, and ecological institutions, and we participate in unpaid projects that brighten up public spaces... as a man cannot live by money alone...:-) 

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We aim to be nature-friendly, to avoid making unnecessary waste, and to show others these ways. You can find more at Ecology and us.



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