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There are two of us – Bolek and Marek. Bolek makes all the products you can see on our website, all of them go through his hands: from the original idea, to the prototype, production, testing and fine-tuning in his garden, to the dispatching of the final product to your hands. Marek helps the workshop mainly by boosting its image, and he is also the author of the website with our e-shop. We both agree that whatever we do, we do it with love and precision. High quality, a personal approach, and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, this is DILNA HAMMER.




Once upon a time, there were two pleasure seekers who loved everything that was natural and of high quality – Bolek and Marek.

I am Bolek from Brno 616 00.

I was born in Brno, in August, in the same year as when the Titanic was found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and Windows was launched for the first time. I work with wood. I plant and cut trees, cut, sand, drill, wax and polish wood, make new things out of it … and restore the old ones! Ever since 2001. In the beginning, I was mostly restoring things in the workshop. Later on, I extended the offer with smaller products for the garden which were the outcome of the needs of my own natural garden where I love to relax, surrounded by the sound of whirring insects and singing birds.


I am Marek from Sokolnice, Brno and Prague.

I make my living through online marketing and e-shops. The DILNA HAMMER is my “baby”. The website you are looking at was created as a combination of my livelihood with passion and love for beautiful things and nature. Although I am a lion with the heart of a Moravian, I am a shy person. I am happy to see happiness and I honour every morning when the humming woods wake up from a dream ….