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Bee grand hotel Woody

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Bee grand hotel Woody


Bee hotel create hiding places for beneficial insects in your garden during the summer and in the winter for hibernation. The most frequent guests are lacewings, solitary bees, bumblebees, ladybugs,... These tiny non-aggressive insects help to pollinate your garden and increase your crop. Ladybirds also effectively eliminate aphids.

Successfully tested in my own garden in Brno. Hand made from czech FSC wood.

Various shapes and colors on request, simple installation on the tree or wall and cleaning. Model without paint.

Each Bee hotel is accompanied by the information booklet and instructions for use.

And by the way, in the garden you can eat and dance, embroider and sleep, read and make love and again read, water you flowers and dry your clothes, write poetry and loaf about, sunbath, pray and raise children, to shoot at the target or just cast a shadow. In the garden one can also die, but it is better to live the garden.


Everything you would like to know about Bee Hotels is HERE

This is what a hollow occupied by a bee (Chalicodoma muraria) looks like:

Length 9 m
Width 18 m
Height 31 m
Height 18 cm
Width 31 cm
Length 9 cm
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