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Bird house Rubikus Prometheus

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Bird house Rubikus Prometheus


-> A special surface treatment: the surface is burnt with fire, brushed and preserved using beeswax to ensure a longer lifespan. This is one of the oldest techniques of surface treatment found in ancient Egypt and Japan.

This original birdhouse helps enlivening your garden. The little birds can rest and prepare their nest there. And in exchange for this cozy dwelling, they will reward you with singing and catching a large quantities of vermin.

Successfully tested in my own garden in Brno. Hand made from czech FSC wood.

The inlet opening of 3 cm is optimal for most species of smaller garden birds such as tits, sparrows and similar small songbirds.

The nest box has been constructed so it is easy to install on a tree, a wall, a house or a garden gazebo, ideally up to 2 m high. We recommend placing the nest box up near a tree crown or on the dark side of a house; direct sunlight is not ideal for the young ones. Given its high-quality structure and when the weather is bad, the nest box offers adequate insulation and comfort for the nesting birds. Do not forget about the autumn; clean the nest box after the birds have fled; its next inhabitants will appreciate it very much, and they will quickly settle in the spring. The nest box is painted using ecological, water-soluble colour of Czech origin.

If you are unsure what shape of nest box and inlet opening is suitable for your garden, we will be happy to help you -  info@dilnahammer.cz

Simple installation on the tree and cleaning. Upon request, it is possible to change the type of attachment (hanging or binding) - please specify this request in your order.

Our original design and wide-range of colours will satisfy a person focused on aesthetics as well as a natural garden lover, who is looking for a bird nest box which blends into a tree crown.

Each Birdhouse is accompanied by the information booklet.

And by the way, in the garden you can eat and dance, embroider and sleep, read and make love and again read, water you flowers and dry your clothes, write poetry and loaf about, sunbath, pray and raise children, to shoot at the target or just cast a shadow. In the garden one can also die, but it is better to live the garden.


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