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Bumblebee house with own text

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Bumblebee house with own text

An original bumblebee house with a wide variety of colours and your own engraved text!

Make your bumblebee house a personal gift by having your best wishes, a funny text, a special date or a nickname engraved on it. We are the manufacturer, so it is no problem for us.

–> Ordering procedure: first, click on Select Colour on the right and then write your own text in the box Your Text. The product can then be placed in the basket as usual, where you can select a method of payment and delivery.

–> Due to the tailor-made production, please expect the delivery date to be 2–3 days longer. The payment for the engraved product can be made in advance only (through a bank transfer, a card or using Paypal). Thank you for your understanding.



Bumblebee house is, as its name suggests, a shelter used only by bumblebees due to its special construction, which does not use any other insects. It is constructed as a built-in hallway filled with wool in which the bee creates its home. Bumblebees are very helpful, active and amiable pollinator for every garden.

An important element for attracting new inhabitants is a warm filing inside the bumblebee box. I use high-quality handmade fleece from endangered Czech sheep called "Valaška" from a flock of the Stránské association in Jeseníky. They have been looking after these sheep and have been responsible for their spread since 2005 when there were only 187 left in the Czech Republic. I am happy to support this Czech breed by purchasing their fleece. More information to be found HERE. The bumblebee box CONTAINS fleece (warm filling) for one season.

Successfully tested in my own garden in Brno. Hand made from czech FSC wood.

Various shapes and colors on request, simple installation on the tree or wall and cleaning. The bumblebee box is almost maintenance-free: you just need to open it after the bumblebee season (in around November) finishes, and replace the inner filling made of fleece for a new one - you can buy one HERE. Store a clean bumblebee box at home and hang it outside again in the spring.

Each Bumblebee house is accompanied by the information booklet and instructions for use.

You can buy for this product a special gift box HERE.

And by the way, in the garden you can eat and dance, embroider and sleep, read and make love and again read, water you flowers and dry your clothes, write poetry and loaf about, sunbath, pray and raise children, to shoot at the target or just cast a shadow. In the garden one can also die, but it is better to live the garden.


Everything you would like to know about Bumblebee boxes is HERE


Length 9 m
Width 18 m
Height 18 m
Height 18 cm
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