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Ecology and us

We are no eco-hippies walking in bamboo sandals. But we believe that the world around us can be improved by following these simple steps.


Plastic vs wood

We do not manufacture or sell nor do we support products made of plastic or similar materials. We can see that our planet is polluted by plastic and its production more than enough already. We do not want to contribute to this problem in any way. We use Czech wood only with an environment-friendly mining certificate, and we will continue to do so.


Environment-friendly colours

For surface treatment, we only use Czech non-synthetic and ecological colours certified for children's toys. These colours are guaranteed eco-friendly, durable and permanent. In other cases or custom-made products, we use mixtures of 100% beeswax or various types of natural oils (tung oil, linseed, etc.).


Local suppliers

All materials including wood, nails, screws, colour or paper with instructions for use are taken from Czech suppliers only. It is not always easy, but we refrain from importing material from abroad. Based on our experience, we know that there are many quality suppliers and manufacturers in the Czech Republic, and we are happy to support them. For instance, HERE you can find more about our fine fleece for bumblebee houses from a farm in Jeseníky (Czech republic).


Postal items and their fillings

We simply recycle 100% of packaging materials. It is hypocritical when many e-shops and shops stress the importance of ecology and related issues; they write long articles about it while allowing a production of tons of packaging materials of which the lifespan is just a couple of days. We prefer to stand up and collect a part of these packaging materials and give them a chance to be re-used. We do not expect to save the world's oceans or Czech woodlands from plastic pollution; however, we have not bought one box or packaging material since 2012 when the e-shop was launched (we give thanks to all willing or unintended supporters, and fortunately, there are many of them!). Recycled packaging is always clean; perhaps, it was you who unwrapped a new T-shirt or a plate from it...:-)


We hope that this short summary of our philosophy will inspire other businesses and customers to shift our society towards a more responsible future. Thank you for your time!

Bolek & Marek



P.S.: After some years, when our product stops being of any use, you may burn it, chop it, bury it, ... Mother Nature will easily take care of it. There is no need to worry it will remain for the next 500 years or so, as happens with plastic.