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We have produced over 1000 hand-made Bee hotels, Bird feeders, Bumblebee houses and other products which liven up gardens and balconies all over the world! Will you join the group of our satisfied customers? We hope so:-)!


References from Czech republic:

- User: Two – “I was really curious and the bumblebee hive exceeded my expectations. Excellent Christmas present. Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend your shop to anyone. 

- User: Jelly-fish – “Brilliant job!!! Excellent communication, impeccable workmanship, great packaging as well as everything else. Thanks so much! ;)”

- User: Clarisek - “The bird feeder is awesome! Birds really like it! Thank you!”

- User: Abgk905abgk – “I am really satisfied with the purchase. The house is nicely and precisely made and is the exact copy of the photograph. Communication and dispatch of the goods was really fast.”

- User: Majama: “Prompt communication, hassle-free experience, beautiful product made with precision. Thanks!”

- User: Cuilew – “Thank you so much for the gorgeous grandhotel in my requested colour! ☺ Perfect workmanship, lovely communication, excellent obligingness. In short – I will definitely recommend you to anyone. Hope you have many more satisfied customers. ♥ “ 

- User: Myšutka – “The bird feeders are really nice, thank you for that….as well as for all those ladybirds, lacewings, bees and bumblebees! Much recommended! 

- User: Makča – “The most beautiful thing in the world, thank you so much dear Bolek. Look forward to seeing them full of life. Wish you all the best. I will definitely recommend your shop to everyone.”

- User: Mr. Paw – “Beautiful and original present! Thank you so much of the purchase. The presents were a great success. Our granny, a keen gardener, was most excited ☺. They are amazing!”


References from the world:

- uživatel Ashley DeVrieze (Mexico): "Thank you! Wonderful work and helpful communication. Can't wait to see it in her garden next year."

- uživatel Schooz1 (USA): "ABSOLUTELY TOO AMAZING TO DESCRIBE!!! Thank you so much for sharing your art with me!"

- uživatel Jackhill83 (Canada): "Beautiful craftsmanship and well packaged for delivery. Makes a great gift for any garden lover. Will probably buy again in the future."

- uživatel Ktj27 (Australia): "I love this! I hope it will attract lots of insects come Spring! Thank you!"

- uživatel Katy Benson (USA): "This Bee Hotel is so beautiful! Bolek is amazing at what he does, and he is also extremely nice and easy to talk to. If he decides to make even more things in the future, I will totally keep buying his products. Thanks Bolek!"

- uživatel Maarit (Sweden): "Love it! Just as described, arrived quickly."

- uživatel Lesinge Dupont (France): "Perfect ! Package received very quickly and lovely wrapped : )"


References from shops:

- Flower shop Zahrada na niti (Prague): “His products are made with precision, you can see the excellent workmanship. Bolek also has a real sense of simplicity, practicality and colour. See for yourselves….And because he cares about his products and does not offer them just to anyone, I am really happy that I succeeded in the selection and the hotels can now make an excellent addition to the walls in my shop (as well as in my e-shop) where you can pop in to see them.”

- Flower shop TAMASVIGH (Brno): “DILNA HAMMER bird nest boxes, feeders and insect hotels caught our eye due to their simple yet functional design, quality and colour spectrum, that nicely fit into our florist studio. We are thinking of keeping them for longer, not just for the time of the summer concept:).”

- Design shop Place store (Brno): “We love insect hotels for their perfect craftsmanship and their gorgeous colour combinations; they provide home to our insect friends while decorating our garden and terrace. Based on our experience, we know that it is fun for children to watch the fully-occupied hotel. The hotel just cannot be ignored by any visitors. It is a great gift to newly-weds or for birthday. For the entire Place store, we highly recommend it!”



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