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Are you interested in purchasing the products we offer wholesale?

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at info@dilnahammer.cz, or at +420 602 700 606.

To establish cooperation, we require your company registration number, tax registration number and a copy of your trade licence (extract from the Commercial Register). You can send this information by e-mail, and we will then send you the detailed terms and conditions of cooperation.

Advantages and benefits for wholesale partners:

  • Purchase at wholesale prices
  • Extra discounts based on the sales volume
  • You may place a link/presentation on our website and social channels for free
  • Our original sales stand for your shop - for FREE (information below)
  • Custom-made production (colour based on your logo, ….)
  • You can have your logo branded on the products you order
  • Original hand-made products that are sold all over the whole world!


How does cooperation at wholesale level work?

  • When you have registered in our e-shop, contact us and send us your user name (or e-mail), company registration number (+ tax registration number), a copy of your trade licence (or an extract from the Commercial Register) and information about your possibilities regarding our cooperation to info@dilnahammer.cz. 
  • We will verify whether the information in the form is correct. Based on the data you input, we will consider whether our business cooperation would be meaningful and relevant. If so, you will be included in our wholesale programme.
  • When our cooperation is approved, you will see wholesale prices in the e-shop when you log in to your account. Order the goods just as you would in the regular e-shop. Choose a method of delivery and payment from several possibilities.


We will be happy to welcome you as a new partner!

  • We look forward to mutually beneficial business opportunities!
  • Do you have any suggestions regarding our potential cooperation? Would you like to meet us in person and discuss the options? Would you like to know more about wholesale partnership? Or anything else?
  • Please contact us at info@dilnahammer.cz or at 602 700 606



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